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Wheels and Tires...
Knex wheels are a necessary part to make your Knex models mobile. They can act as wheels, rims, tires, pulleys and come in useful for many other occasions. These wheels come in three basic sizes including their tires and are mounted on two different size rims. The following are only the tradition Knex wheels and tires since there are multiple other variations in other Knex sets.

Small Knex Wheels
Small Knex Wheel Small Knex Rim Small Knex Tire
-This is the smallest "official" wheel made by Knex. It is perfect for your smaller Knex models, where you don't have much space, or if you are trying to hide your wheels. The smaller rim can also be used as a pulley for cranes or any model that uses the Knex string. Although a very tight fit, this Knex rim can fit over roller coaster tubing but usually derails fairly easy.

Medium Knex Wheels
Meduim Knex Wheel Medium Knex Wheel Back Medium Knex Tire
-Medium sized Knex wheels are great for just about any model car. The traction on the medium Knex tire is a little more aggresive and allows for better traction. The medium rim is the same size as the large wheel and is used as the main wheels for roller coasters. It can also be used as a pulley for those heavier tasks. It has a little more of a decorative style to bring out the good looks from your Knex models.

Large Knex Wheels
Large Knex Wheel Medium Knex Rim Large Knex Tire
-Get your models up and off the ground with these high riding wheels. Knex trucks and heavey equipment are sure to use the larger tire. It isn't uncommon at all to even see these larger wheels doubled up and attached side by side for even a larger effect. The rim size is the same as the medium wheels but the tred is much larger.

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