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Build your Knex models to whatever scale you want by choosing the right pattern of rods. All Knex rods are proportional and by using different patterns all sizes and shapes can be achieved.
  • Two green rods + 1 connector = 1 blue rod
  • Two blue rods + 1 connector = 1 red rod
  • Two white rods + 1 connector = 1 yellow rod
  • Two yellow rods + 1 connector = 1 gray rod

Green Knex Rod
-The smallest of the rods begins here. By using this rod, two connectors are joined together side by side.

White Knex Rod
-The white rod helps out in those tiny spaces and can help strengthen tightly connected structures. Smallest rod with slots for other Knex parts to snap to.

Blue Knex Rod
-The most commonly used Knex rod is the blue rod. Most models are based off of this rod size and it provides well structured buildings.

Yellow Knex Rod
-Used mostly for cross sections but can also be used for many other applications. If you run out of the gray Knex rods, two yellows work great instead.

Red Knex Rod
-Red rods are perfect for stretching to those longer distances and since the red rod is twice the size of a blue rod, this rod gets used frequently.

Grey Knex Rod
-The gray rod is the longest out of the rods. You can't get longer than this with out using a connecter in the middle.

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