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Below are some of the new Knex models, sets, instructions and pieces that are now being sold. Prices are subject to change. Join in the fun of building with Knex and all the new creations.
Serpent's Spiral Coaster Serpent's Spiral Coaster
This Knex set builds three thrilling rail-riding roller coasters with more than 38 feet of twisting track and is 5 feet tall.
Swing Ride K'nex Swing Ride
This thrill ride comes with a batter-powered motor to twirl 16 swings out to a two foot wide circle. With two rides to build, this set is a must buy.
Pieces: 1,118 Avg. Price: $59.99 Pieces: 853 Avg. Price: $29.99

Renegade Run Coaster Renegade Run Coaster
Join the fun of building this 19 foot long track and watch two chrome finished cars chase eachother as they race down the high-speed track.
400 Piece Value Tub K'NEX 400 Piece Tub
With a sturdy storage tub, 30 models instructions, a spring motor, and 150 more pieces than before, this certainly is the Knex value tub.
Pieces: 675 Avg. Price: $29.99 Pieces: 400 Avg. Price: $19.99

Knex Ferris Wheel Giant 6 Foot Ferris Wheel
Breaking Knex records with the tallest model ever sold including the most knex parts ever included in one set.
Knex Vertical Vengeance Coaster Vertical Vengeance Coaster
With 33 feet of new super slick track, this roller coaster screams at amazing speeds including sound effects making it first of it's class.
Pieces: 8,550 Avg. Price: $499.99 Pieces: +1,300 Avg. Price: $59.99

Knex Super Structures Super Structures
Build up to 50 of the world's most famous buildings including the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler Building and more.
Knex Wheel Action K'NEX 10 Model Set
This set includes 10 models ranging from dragsters, cars, trucks, and more including the new K'nex micro parts and bricks.
Pieces: 466 Avg. Price: $49.99 Pieces: 153 Avg. Price: $9.99

Knex Speed Machines Speed Machines Set
All Knex parts and pieces combine to make 10 more speed machines to race against with your friends.
Knex Thrill Rides Thrill Rides
Ad some excitement to your amusement park with these 3 thrilling rides. Includes two motors and screaming sounds effects.
Pieces: 150 Avg. Price: $9.99 Pieces: 562 Avg. Price: $49.99

Knex Light-Ups Light-Ups 30 Model Set
Includes 30 sets of instructions to build a variety of models with new Knex light-up parts. Power pack and 2 AA batteries included.
Knex Gear Action Gear Action 20 Model Set
Gears and motion bring any Knex model to life. Includes 20 model instructions and new gear parts.
Pieces: 304 Avg. Price: $29.99 Pieces: 210 Avg. Price: $19.99

Check back soon for new products!
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