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Take to the seas with this great Knex sailboat. This model has an almost full 360 degree movable sail to help guild your sailboat in any direction and with the large open hull, you can take a variety of things on your sailing adventure.

Knex Pieces...



2 17 24 5 25
8 3 4 4 9
22 17
9 36
Total Pieces: 193 Time: 13 min.
- To help you sail your knex boat around the house, take off the 4 blue rods holding it up and mount wheels underneath to help it roll across the sea.
- - - - - - -
- This version has an open hull. Try closing it off or adding things too it like cargo, a mast, or even a few cannons to make it a pirate ship.
- - - - - - -
- Decorate your sails however you like with different patterns of Knex pieces.
- - - - - - -
- This toy boat is a little small for some kids. Try making your boat wider, longer, taller, and even stronger to allow for more fun on the deck!
- - - - - - -
- Adding Knex bots on the ship always livens things up. How many men do you have on your ship crew?
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