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Knex TireOnce you have built a few model with K'nex, you quickly become familiar with how easy you can come up with your own designs, instructions or ideas – and how fun it can be. Following the instructions that come with your sets is a great starting point to get the basic concepts down. For some, this is where the ideas start flowing on how you can customize your model. For others, it is how someone designed something that you could also apply in your model. Regardless of what works for you, your imagination and creativity is where it all starts and as K'nex says "if you can imagine it, you can build it."

Knex InstructionsK'nex Instructions: The best place to start with your K'nex building and learning career is with the instructions that come with your set. These have been carefully and thoughtfully designed and will most often be the best way to utilize your parts. All instructions are easy to follow and help you build your creation in no time. They also help spark ideas and different designs talked about more below.

If you are looking for the actual print for your set, try looking them up on the manufacture's web site here. This nice thing about this feature is you don't have to actually buy the set to get the instructions. Many are available for free online. As long as you have all the parts you need you can build anything that you look up. Below are some of the instructions booklets you can download for free:

DoubleDare Dueling Coaster Screamin Serpent
Trampoline Tower Electronic Arcade
Loopin-Lightning Speed Coaster
Big Air Ball Tower Lights Sound Thrill Park
Lava-Launch-Coaster Motorized Madness Ball Machine
Cyber Ultra Rippin Rocket
Double Ferris Wheel Vertical Vengeance
Super Structure

Knex Ideas K'nex Ideas: Possibly the best resource for getting great ideas on what to build with your K'nex is by seeing what others have built. Knex Toy Zone has a large and growing K'nex photo gallery of great models that builders, like you, have posted (for more information on how you can post your photo ideas click here). Others turn to videos that people have made that can quickly show you all angles and describe their models in greater details. Whichever way you choose, seeing what others have built is a great way to get your next grand idea.

Knex Designs K'nex Designs: The beauty of K'nex is that you can design just about anything you can image. There is more than one way to build the same thing and a lot of tips and tricks can be learned by seeing what others have done. Aside from the actual mechanical aspect of your design, looks is completely up to you. Put your own design flare on your creations – there is virtually no limit to what you could do.

Knex Connector There have been some pretty amazing things built with K'nex over the years. Sadly, a lot of them require thousands of parts (which could take some time and money to acquire). Don't get discouraged though, you can build some pretty cool stuff with very little pieces. Launch out on your own in building your personalized K'nex designs using ideas from others and from your very own instructions or those that are available online. Be sure to share with us what you build and have fun building with K'nex!
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