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A Knex connector comes with one to eight connection slots allowing rods to connect parallel with the connector or perpendicular and has a hole for Knex rods to slide and turn in and out. Blue and purple connectors make 90 degree angles a sinch and can help with those tough corners and rod intersections.
Tan Knex Connector Tan
-A very handy part to help hold wheels in place and to keep other Knex parts from turning. Due to their smaller size, they also come in handy doing the work of a grey connector in those tight places.

Grey Knex Connector Grey
-Used mostly for holding multiple connectors on a single rod. It can also act as a pivotal point for moving Knex parts.

Orange Knex Connector Orange
-Extend any size Knex rod with this flat and simple two slot orange connector. It works great when two rods need to cross and you don't need or want to use a white connector.

Light Grey Knex Connector Light Grey
-This connector is perfect for all those corners that only require to rods connecting to it. If you're looking for a 45 degree angle, this is the part you'll need.

Red Knex Connector Red
-Corner pieces come in very handy in almost every situation. With a 90 and 45 degree angle, it adds versatility and strength to your part.

Green Knex Connector Green
-Add style and looks to your Knex parts by adding a decorative yet useful green connector. Acts as a yellow connector but why use yellow if you don't need that last connection slot?

Yellow Knex Connector Yellow
-This connector has 5 slots forming a half circle spanning to 180 degrees. One of it's best features is being able to continue rods extending them while also being able to link and connect other Knex parts.

White Knex Connector White
-Need to connect a lot of rods together? With the white connector you have 8 slots to use in a 360 degree circle.

Blue Knex Connector Blue
-One of the most versitile Knex part. This blue connector slides onto another blue or purple connector to allow for multiple angle joints and for securing things from many different angles.

Purple Knex Connector Purple
-This part can be joined with another purple or blue connector to form a multiple angle 90 degree joints. When building structures, you'll use a lot of purple connectors.

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